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Drug addiction pushes Utah man to the edge of suicide

Rob had just become homeless, was suffering from drug addiction, separated from his wife, and could only see his daughter, Sophie, under supervision.


Alcohol addiction drives Utah man to rock bottom, but eventually, solace

Cole Thorpe began to put pressure on the trigger. In a matter of seconds, his whole life changed after suffering from alcohol addiction for years.


How a homeless Utah woman became a County office receptionist

Destiny Garcia joins the Project Recovery podcast to describe how she overcame addiction and became the receptionist for the SL County Mayor's office.


Anti-porn speaker details his pornography addiction battle

Garrett Jonsson, who now works to help others break the cycle of pornography addiction, believes technology encouraged an obsession to spiral. 


Alcohol addiction seen through the eyes of a parent

"I'm done with you." Those were almost the last words Mike Scott ever said to his son after another fight broke out because of his son's alcohol addiction.


Utah woman speaks about life after losing her husband to addiction

A shoulder surgery left Brian addicted to opioids that would eventually take his life -- now his wife, Emily, is picking up the pieces.



Is Gruden the only drawback for the Raiders coming to Utah?

As Utahns begin to imagine a world where the Oakland Raiders could make a move to SLC, there's only one thing dampening Utah's spirits -- Jon Gruden.


The value of the Utah–BYU rivalry

The Utes are set to face off against the Cougars this weekend for the 93rd time since the 1922 season, adding another game to the Utah–BYU rivalry.


Utah recruits RBs who can throw, not quarterbacks

"How is it that some schools or pro teams, just are really good at recruiting quarterbacks and some aren't," Scott Mitchell, asked Jason Buck on 'Rivals'.


Derrick Rose has career night as Timberwolves beat Jazz | 128-125

Utah Jazz fans are reeling after a loss against the Timberwolves that saw Derrick Rose explode for 50-points, as Donovan Mitchell sat on the court.


USC's arrogance should be motivation for the Utes

The Utah Utes and USC Trojans this weekend is going to be packed with tension and one of the biggest factors in the Utes' favor may be USC's arrogance.


NFL: Are the Cowboys still "America's Team"?

No matter what your sports affiliation is, the term "America's Team" has always referred to only one team -- the Dallas Cowboys.


Targeting rule controversy addressed by Pac-12 commissioner

The Pac-12 Conference Commissioner, Larry Scott, has publicly come out addressing a report by Yahoo Sports regarding a controversial targeting call.


NCAA football coach's salaries released, Saban tops list

USA Today has released a salary list that comprises of 130 NCAA Football coaches, 82 of which make at least seven-figures or more.


The different methods coaches use to motivate players

From Al Pacino's speech in 'Any Given Sunday' to Kurt Russell's pep talk in 'Miracle', coaches have always found creative ways to motivate players.


Mitchell's 38 pts lead to Utah Jazz win over Houston Rockets

Donovan Mitchell appears to have turned the corner after scoring 38 points and leading the Utah Jazz to a win against the Houston Rockets last night.


NBA: Every team ranked for the 2018 season

After waiting a mere four months, the NBA is back in full swing and we're ranking every team in the league to get you prepared for the upcoming season.


Utah Jazz rout Toronto Raptors in preseason home opener | 105-90

The Utah Jazz came away with a win against the Kawhii Leonard led Toronto Raptors in the team's preseason home opener yesterday.




Justin Osmond describes feeling alone in a world full of music

Surrounded by screaming fans at Madison Square Garden, Justin Osmond watched his dad and uncles onstage perform some of the hits that made the Osmonds mega-stars of the 1970s.


'He changed my life': Afghan pilot remembers Major Brent Taylor

The death of Brent Taylor, mayor of North Ogden and a Major in Utah's Army National Guard, has shaken Utah, but his death is weighing on soldiers.


Lawmakers face pressure to vote against medical marijuana

Lawmakers say they’re getting more pressure from pro-marijuana groups to vote against the medical marijuana compromise after election day.

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