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Style Magazine Cover

_ 6 _ Style Cover

Typeface: Felix Titling | Raleway


For this exhibit, I wanted to use the retouching tools that I learned throughout the past week by enhancing the face and eyes and also wanted to focus on creating a fashion magazine mockup. The full design is below.



I tried to group each subject that would be within the article. For example, every visual element except the image, title, and quote are grouped, while the quote is offset left due to no relation with the other elements (this could potentially be omitted from the design entirely).


The main title text and image are centered while the rest of the copy is either left-aligned or right-aligned within the frame of the title, depending on their relation to the image.



The color palette was pulled from the image to help build the color theme and all visual elements start with dark copy, then are followed by the lighter rose gold-ish copy.


I wanted to utilize the natural contrast between the model's dress and the lighter-hued background so all of the element headers are the same color as the dress to help reinforce that contrast visually.


  • Text

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Circle Tool

  • Marquee Tool

  • Eye kickers

  • Spot Healing Tool

  • Patch Tool

Design Considerations:

  • Try not to over clutter the cover with useless text

  • Experiment with "classier" typefaces

  • Center model to introduce main elements left and right

  • It has to feel high-class and exude luxury



  • Changed the text color of the title and some of the copy

  • Increased the leading on the copy

  • Changed the copy to lowercase instead of all caps

  • Put design in a mockup

Full design

Style Cover
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