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Lebron 19s - A New Legacy

Nikes Lebron 19 Billboard

Typeface: Lithos | Work Sans


For this exhibit, I decided to create mockup marketing material for the new Space Jam movie coming out soon. I've also really wanted to make a shoe design so I figured I'd give it a go when Lebron announced the "Lebron 19" shoe which is Space Jam themed. I also wanted to challenge myself with messing around with colors that I would typically never choose. The full design is below.



The two different types of copy in the design are the header and paragraph text. I broke these down into two separate sections: one that involves all of the main text in the upper right and another section that is grouped to the left of the shoe that includes all of the paragraph copy.


My last exhibit was a movie poster type of design and was center-aligned so I opted into breaking that mold and right-aligning all of the main visual objects. This led me to add the Bugs, Lola, and Taz visuals to the bottom left to help balance out the design. 



The two typefaces used in the design (excluding the logo) are Lithos (Space Jam text) and Work Sans. The Lithos-based text matches the subheader "A New Legacy" to build repetition in the header. I also used the shoe's color palette to create a gradient that could help bring a repetitive theme to the graphic.


I knew I wanted to make the header text pop first so I made it solid white to try and attract the viewer's eye after they see the shoes. With the shoes, the original photo was too bland so I decided to throw on curve and exposure adjustment layers to help make the shoes stand out from the gradient background a little better.


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Circle Tool

  • Marquee Tool

  • Curves and Exposure Adjustment layers

Design Considerations:

  • Create movie mockup marketing

  • Make it look like a shoe add

  • Figure out how to work with crazy colors

  • Find a way to incorporate a bunch of Looney Tunes into the design.



  • I moved some of the character placement more towards the shoes to not only bring in more focus towards the shoes but also to help clean up some of the poor masking that was going on

  • I also left-aligned a majority of the text as the focus was too much on the right side of the design

  • I could not figure out for the life of me what to do with Bugs and Lola but I needed something to stand out in the left corner so I moved them closer to the shoe and away from the left margin




Space Jam Ad
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