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The Mandalorian Meets Game of Throne Digital Ad


For this exhibit, I wanted to go back to my roots in Photoshop and make something a little more fun and abstract than what I've done in previous weeks. I also wanted to utilize some color theory basics and a little more advanced composite techniques. I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan and love the Mandalorian so I wanted to blend the two together to create a movie poster involving the two. The full design is below.

I wanted to utilize the blue tones of the image and introduce an orange highlight (representing a burst of light) to the dragon since it was in the original image of the Mandalorian poster that can complement the base color. 



All of the subtitle and paragraph copy is related so they are all grouped below the header.


Movie poster copy is typically centered and immediately recognizable so I decided to follow that trend and center (horizontal and vertical) align my title text and continue with a center alignment following the bottom of the poster.



All of my copy, aside from the title, uses the same Game of Thrones font with various blending options to create a repeating visual theme throughout the design.

Game of Mandalorians Mockup

Typeface: Game of Thrones | Work Sans


In order to pop from the darker background, I wanted to try and incorporate the lighter blue colors within the document with the light orange highlights in a gradient overlay on the text to try and get the copy to stand out as much as possible while still staying within the theme of the design.


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Circle Tool

  • Marquee Tool

  • Pen Tool

  • Sharpen Filter

  • Lighting Effects

  • Blending Options

  • Burn Tool

  • Photo Layer Adjustments

Design Considerations:

  • Create a movie poster-inspired composite

  • Don't take it too seriously and have fun like the good ol' days

  • Use a GoT theme text

  • Try and use this as an opportunity to find closure after watching one of the greatest tv shows ever created, only to be completely let down and forced to deal with the garbagefest that was season 8 of Game of Thrones..........



  • Cleaned up some of the Mando masking (cape and weird spot on the left knee)

  • Fixed some of the gun graphic that wasn't showing properly

  • Tried to experiment with keeping Mando at his original positioning but the highlight on the original right side didn't sync with the highlight on the dragon's right side. I should have probably tried to flip Drogon originally instead.




Game of Mandalorians.png
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