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| 9 | BlackRock Cookies Web Header

Typeface | Source Sans Pro


The concept behind this design was to create a holiday-themed web header for a small bakery company. In addition to the holiday details, a focal point in the design was to use images that left the viewer craving milk and cookies to help drive reservations/sales.


The biggest contrast within the image resides in the weight of the title text as well as the color variation of the cookies on the off-white background.


The same typeface family was used throughout the design and all of the copy sections are led by a subheader of the same weight to build cohesiveness throughout the design.


To help encase the focal points of the visual the copy sections are left and right-aligned accordingly to keep the viewer's eyes on the product.


In addition to the alignment, the copy text is all in proximity to each corresponding section to allow the viewer to not only move from left to right but to mentally categorize the copy text as minor additional details.


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Marquee Tool

  • Brush Tool

  • Artboards

  • Blending Modes

  • Adjustment Layers

Design Considerations:

  • Create a design that makes the viewer want to go out and get milk and cookies

  • Implement 3d models

  • Make it holiday-themed


BlackRock Cookies_WebHeader
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