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| 7 | The Origin Release Poster


SEE ASSETS BELOW: There were a lot of cool resources in this week's lesson that showed fun ways to add special effects and tips for photo manipulation so I wanted to try and create a tv show poster using a bunch of random images. I didn't really know where to start but once I found the image of the buildings I knew I wanted to do something post-apocalyptic and realized that it would be so much cooler if the city was actually underwater. I blurred out a majority of the buildings to help create some depth and from there I had the idea of a diver casually exploring the city and then everything began to snowball. I grabbed a couple of tentacles, the flashlight beam, and a bunch of fish and turned it into a sci-fi-inspired poster. 


To give the idea of being underwater I created a soft blue gradient with some outer shadows. I also brought in some light using a basic water texture to resemble the ocean's surface. 

I used two major textures for all of the erosion that you see on the buildings. 


Since the design is heavily focused on the visuals, there isn't a lot of copy but the majority of contrast introduced is through the lighter text against the darker background.


Again, there isn't a lot of direct work with repetition throughout the design aside from the overall visual theme of the piece.


To help keep the user's attention moving from section to section, everything in the design is center-aligned that follows a visual line throughout the center of the design.


The only two pieces of type are categorized with their own weights and styles to help differentiate the two.


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Marquee Tool

  • Brush Tool

  • Artboards

  • Blending Modes

  • Calculations

  • Adjustment Layers

  • Camera Raw Filters

Design Considerations:

  • Make something that I've never made before

  • Focus on photo manipulation 

  • Push myself creatively



  • Decreased the shadows on the buildings to help bring out some of the details on the architecture

  • Put a heavier weight on the title and subtitle to create more contrast

  • Added Netflix branding

The Origin Poster

Typeface | Montserrat

The Origin Assets

Original Design:

The Origin
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