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| 5 | Mobile Newsletter

_ 5 _ Newsletter Mockup

Typeface | Butler, Work Sans


SEE ENTIRE DESIGN BELOW: For this week's exhibit, I decided to implement the theme from our template and newsletter assignment and create an introductory newsletter for a mockup travel company that is specifically designed for mobile users. I tried to use a lot of the basics that we learned from the readings this week and keep things simple while introducing eye-catching visuals to help the viewer stay engaged with the graphic.


As with a lot of my designs in general, I decided to utilize black and white's ​natural contrast while introducing various accent colors to break up the aesthetic.


Each section within the newsletter either consists of a header/subheader text combination as well as the use of Work Sans as the primary typeface throughout the design.


All of the copy and icon/images are center-aligned to help all of the objects sit within the small boundaries of the mobile dimensions.


The header and subheader text is in proximity with each other to help reinforce the idea of a new section. It also introduces the viewer to the most important information from each grouping followed by the descriptive copy.


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Marquee Tool

  • Brush Tool

  • Artboards

  • Shapes

  • Blending

  • Grids

Design Considerations:

  • Create a newsletter that introduces multiple sections of information while not getting too busy visually within the confines of the mobile size restrictions.



Mobile Newsletter
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