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SEE ORIGINAL VERSION BELOW: Inception is my favorite movie and I've always found some of the poster designs to be very interesting and abstract so I wanted to recreate a movie poster that introduced some of my favorite aspects of the movie. Some of the major concepts in the movie are a spinning top and the dream world being flexible depending on the dreamer's imagination. So, I decided to try and mask a spinning top and to attach building silhouettes to the top to try and help shape the outline while having Cobb (Leo's character) at the base of the top.


By incorporating the white, black, and red color combinations throughout the design, not only does the focal point stand out from the dark background, but it also allows the copy to pop off the design.


The major theme of repetition within the design is the same typeface throughout the poster. There aren't very many objects so the same family helps create consistency.


Center-aligned everything to help keep the user's attention focused on the center.


There are only a couple of sections in the design, specifically the cast's names at the top and the movie details at the bottom of the design. The credits could also be categorized as its own section but it falls under the same category as the movie info.


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Marquee Tool

  • Brush Tool

  • Artboards

Design Considerations:

  • Make sure the top looks like a top with buildings creating the frame.

  • Has to look like a professional poster



  • Fixed spacing between cast copy to better match center alignment

  • Extended margins to let the visuals fit in the design better

  • Adjusted "A Film by ..." copy to open space between the title

  • The original top graphic was angled left which caused a lot of issues regarding center alignment so I straightened the graphic to help all of the assets fit better with the overall alignment of the piece.

Inception Movie Poster

Typeface | Work Sans

Original version w/out revisions:

Inception Movie Poster
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