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Overstock Ad

| 1 | Overstock Mockup


I categorized the discount text together as well as the “Not valid … Terms and Conditions …” text. Since they're less important but still required I threw them on the lower-right corner.


I use the three basic alignments throughout the image — with the most important being the discount as it is the most important part of the design. The shipping text and logo are left-aligned, while the Not valid text is right-aligned to incorporate the last bit of balance needed for the image.



Due to the limited text, the repetition I focused on was in the center bubble within the discount text. It follows the same font, aside from the “plus …”, but varies in size and color. The bottom-right text is also grouped, just with a separate bold on the “Not valid …” text.


I knew I wanted to use an image of furniture for Overstock and when I found this one I liked the frame that was centered in the image. I wanted to find a way to use the “Free shipping …” text to run alongside the frame but I also wanted the text either white or red for the Overstock branding. Neither worked well so I threw on a red triangle overlay and laid the white text on top to create the visual contrast need to make everything work.


Most importantly, the 15% which is the most important part of the image, is promoting contrast with its bright red text on top of the plain white circle centered in the image.​

Typeface | Work Sans


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Circle Tool

  • Marquee Tool

  • Pen Tool

Design Considerations:

  • Make 15% focal point.

  • Create enough contrast for the 15% and the "Free shipping ... " text on the background image.

  • Use Overstock's branding colors (Red, white, and black)

  • Make it a sales ad.



  • Added bottom and right margins to the bottom-right corner text.

  • Added a new layer underneath the text to create more contrast between the text and the image.

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