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Daniel Wellington Watch Ad

Daniel Wellington Ad.png

Typeface | Playfair Display, Raleway


I'm absolutely fascinated with marketing in the high fashion and luxury watch industries because of their unique approach towards minimalism and allowing the product to be the sole focus on display. You can see my grid inspiration down below to get an idea of how the layout came together. The full design is below.



I wanted to make sure that all of the subtitle and paragraph text was together on the right due to being basic ad copy and less about the singular branding statement that surrounds the watch.


The secondary text is aligned to the image's bottom-right corner due to the header text being so prominent around the watch itself. That way the visual flow of elements allows the viewer to naturally take in all of the information while they look left to right.



I wanted to try and incorporate a level of elegance in the header and subtitle text by using Playfair but I knew that the copy wouldn't be able to consist solely of the serif font. So, for the main branding, I chose Playfair to match the logo and just used Raleway for the copy so it would be easier to read.


I debated with images that had more color but they seemed to be too chaotic with the simple idea that I was going for so I decided to find a black and white image and use white and black's natural contrast to make all of the elements stand out in their own way.


  • Text

  • Paint Tool

  • Layer Mask

  • Rulers

  • Circle Tool

  • Marquee Tool

  • Pen Tool

  • Sharpen Filter

  • Lighting Effects

  • Blending Options

Design Considerations:

  • Create an ad that has a "luxury" feel

  • Create a brand and slogan for a company that is re-releasing an older model of a watch to a younger generation

  • Let the watch speak for itself

  • Watch ads seem to rely on focusing on the watch itself while bringing in the text to fill the space (even when it's difficult to read and obnoxiously small) 



  • Widened the left and bottom margins

  • Removed unnecessary copy

  • Increased copy for better viewing

  • Tried to experiment with moving around the logo to below the copy but it never sat right visually






Daniel Wellington Ad
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